L’Eau du Puits

Whether you are family, groups, motorcyclists, anglers, hikers or pilgrims to Santiago  we are sure you will enjoy your stay in a unique setting with a panoramic view over the rolling countryside ! A restful change of scene guaranteed !

“Give and share is a way of life here !

Nathalie and Dominique’s house is such as their owners, warm and lively. A contentment of living reigns in this place covered in flowers and decorated with taste. Eager for discoveries, Nathalie and Dominique brought many curious objects, old furniture or contemporary creations from their short or long distance expeditions. They all have a story! If you fancy one of the creations displayed Nathalie and Dominique will be pleased to tip you off to the many local craftspeople .

On a quiet morning, you will enjoy lingering over the best breakfast you haven’t had  for a long time.

If you wish you are advised to have dinner with your hosts who will make you discover the flavour of the local cuisine and their garden-grown products.

In this corner of paradise where time stands still as the mind gets lighter , make the most of the relaxing setting and the human warmth !

We are sure you will feel right at home !”